Children's Law in Billingshurst

Lincolns Family Law offers legal services to families in Billingshurst. We give professional advice on children's law in Billingshurst and the surrounding area to help and support your child through any kind of family conflict. We pride ourselves on our caring approach to dealing with family conflicts, and will always work toward getting the best outcome for the child in any given situation.

Our practice aims to always provide well-informed, easily understood legal advice for all clients, including children, and to each individual member of the affected family. We always consider the best interests of everyone in the family, and take the time with all clients to identify the problems and their causes, working alongside them to reach the most viable solution for the child's future, in the most cost effective way we can.

If you need a specific cohabitation or separation agreement, or would simply like legal advice for children and family disputes, Lincolns are committed to giving children a friendly and approachable service and work as quickly as possible to resolve any issues. Please do contact us if you or someone you know is in need of legal advice, as early intervention can make a big difference in some instances.

Lincolns Family Law are members of Resolution, an organisation for family solicitors who are committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes. These include cases with children. We specialise in proceedings involving children and take a special interest in each case, which is why we encourage you to visit us for an initial consultation.

Legal disputes can be very sensitive issues, especially when children and families are involved. We are professionals, and know the best way to deal with conflicts and disputes in a considerate way, ensuring that everyone involved leaves feeling that a fair outcome has been achieved.

We are able to work remotely from our offices near Billingshurst, meaning we can offer our services to clients around the country using telephone and email to reduce the need for meetings in person, although we are always happy to meet with you in person to discuss your questions, queries and disputes.

We offer a range of other services regarding children's law including advice on divorce settlements, domestic violence and family property law, and can also give referrals to mediation. If you are looking for an experienced, professional solicitor in the Billingshurst region, contact Lincolns Family Law on 01403 788435.