Divorce and Separation Solicitor in Hove

Lincolns Family Law are family solicitors near Hove, dealing with divorces and separations amongst a long list of other legal matters. We offer our legal aid in Hove to help and support you through your tough decisions. As a vastly experienced law firm, we are able to offer our services in a professional, understanding manner.

Our practice always provides high quality legal services and dependable advice to each affected member of the family to help them through divorce proceedings, and to consider the individual needs of each party involved. As divorce and separation can be a sensitive matter, we make sure that we advise in a fair, independent way, ensuring the best outcome for the family as a whole. We also take special care of the needs of any children involved in the situation, as we understand the importance of a stable environment for them growing up.

Lincolns are committed to providing an open and approachable service and are quick to resolve any issues. We believe that legal matters such as divorce need to be overseen by a qualified professional who can lead you toward the best solution, and we are here to provide that service for customers in Hove and the surrounding area.

As members of Resolution, an organisation for family solicitors who are committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes, Lincolns Family Law specialise in separation proceedings where children are involved, and take a special interest in each case to ensure a positive outcome for all parties. Divorce and separation is never pleasant, and our membership with Resolution helps us to guide you through the process.

We offer a range of other services, including advice on cohabitation, domestic violence resolution and family property law, and can also give referrals to mediation.

Lincolns Family Law near Hove are able to offer legal advice over the phone or by email, and welcome any queries you might have, however we are more than willing to meet at our offices for a face to face discussion about how we can help and guide you through your legal proceedings. Contact us on 01403 788435.