Family Law in Crawley

Lincolns Family Law specialise in family law in Crawley and the surrounding area. We offer legal aid for those suffering from domestic abuse, those looking to file for divorce or separation, and those in the process of coming up with a cohabitation agreement. As experienced legal professionals, we understand that you are looking for a fast, effective solution to your problems, whatever they may be.

With years of experience in this area of law, we know the importance of having a knowledgable, reliable solicitor to help lead you toward a solution that everyone can walk away from feeling that they reached a mutually beneficial agreement. As solicitors near Crawley, we offer unbiased legal counsel, which can be of great benefit to those unsure where they stand. Lincolns understand that you may be tentative about seeking legal assistance, but we guarantee that we keep our clients' best interests at heart, and we will always work toward reaching an end solution that will benefit all involved.

Lincolns Family Law are family solicitors and members of Resolution, and as such we have a strong focus on constructively resolving the wellbeing of children in all situations. We will always look to take good care of the child in each case, and this means giving them an opportunity to grow up in a stable household. In situations affecting a whole family such as divorce and separation or domestic violence, this can lead to more disputes, however it is important to understand that we will take an outside perspective and offer our professional advice based upon the best solution for the child.

Our legal services include advice on domestic violence, children's law and property law, as well as help with the writing of divorce settlements and cohabititation agreements. We are a well-established firm of family law specialists and will give you expert advice on a range of legal issues. We are easily accessible in our offices near Crawley.

Legal aid for families can be a delicate matter, and we understand that you are going through difficult times. We are an approachable law firm for Crawley, and are always mindful of how you may be feeling in your times of difficulty. If you are in need of legal advice regarding any kind of family dispute, please do contact Lincolns Family Law on 01403 788435.