Divorce and Separation

We offer a range of legal services and professional support and advice on divorce or separation settlements across West Sussex.

At Lincolns Family Law we understand that if you are contemplating divorce or separation, it will be an anxious time for all concerned, and there will be many questions that you need answers to.

Divorce and SeparationGrounds for divorce: While the only ground for divorce is “irretrievable breakdown”, you must rely on one or more “supporting facts” when starting divorce proceedings. These can be unreasonable behaviour, adultery, desertion, 2 years' separation (with the consent of your spouse) or 5 years' separation (when their consent is no longer needed).

Acting for you in divorce proceedings: If you are thinking about getting divorced, we can advise you about the legal implications for you and your family. If you decide to go ahead we can draft your divorce petition for you and start your divorce proceedings at court. Throughout the process, you will be known as the "Petitioner" and your spouse will be referred to as the “Respondent”. We will correspond with your spouse or his/her solicitors on your behalf and we will represent you throughout your divorce from start to finish, dealing with any complications that arise along on the way.

In addition to your divorce, we can also take on those legal aspects that often arise, such as negotiations about the division of family property and your ongoing arrangements in relation to your children.

Dissolution of your civil partnership – the procedure, costs and legal implications are almost identical to divorce proceedings.

Fixed fees are available for your divorce or dissolution, so you know from the outset what your costs will be.