Children's Law

Kids are often caught in the crossfire when parents separate and many do not see their children regularly following a family breakdown.

Children's Law

If you are finding it difficult to maintain your relationship with your children following divorce or separation, then we can represent you in negotiations or refer you to a mediator. If you are unable to agree a way forward with the other parent, we can act for you in an application for a court order.

Section 1 of the Children Act 1989 states that the child's welfare shall be the court's paramount consideration and that is the underlying principle in all court proceedings concerning children.

Some children’s cases settle at the first court hearing but others are more complex. Sometimes, where the best interests of the children require additional investigation, further hearings will be needed and a referral to Cafcass and/or other professionals may be made, in order to help the court make the right decision.

Applying to the court - the most commonly sought orders:

Child Arrangements Order – this is a court order that states where a child will live and is sometimes called “custody” or “residence”. In some circumstances there may be an order that the child lives with both parents at different times. A Child Arrangements Order can also require a parent to make a child available to see the non-resident parent or another relative such as a Grandparent. This is sometimes referred to as “contact” or “access”.